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Creating Measurable Diversity Equity & Inclusion Goals with Workplace

Creating goals to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in the workplace can help companies achieve a more diverse and inclusive environment. 

These goals should focus on promoting a culture of respect, understanding, and acceptance. Companies need to develop goals that are tailored to their specific business and that are measurable.  

This will help them create an environment where everyone feels included and respected.  

In this blog you will find:


💡 How can Workplace from Meta help you understand your diverse culture?
👐 How can Workplace help build a community? 
🤝 How can Workplace help to build commitment to DEI?
📊 How can Workplace help with reporting incidents? 

The first step to creating equity, diversity, and inclusion goals is to understand the differences in individuals. Companies need to identify and understand the people that make up their workforce, including their different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. This will help them understand how to create an environment that is inclusive and respectful of all employees. 

Make sure you understand all aspects of your diverse culture, as focusing on one or two diversity topics may be detrimental to those who are left out. 

💡 How can Workplace from meta help you understand your diverse culture? 

  • Ask your employees about their needs and engage them in the process with Workplace Survey and Polls.
  • The survey results will help ensure that you didn't forget anyone and will also help you set priorities based on your demographics. 

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Once companies have identified their differences, they should examine their current policies and practices related to EDI. This should include examining how they recruit, promote, and retain employees, as well as their policies surrounding hiring and promotion. Companies should also consider how they communicate with their employees and how they provide feedback and recognition.  

After assessing their current policies and practices, companies should set goals to promote EDI in their workplace. These goals should be measurable and clearly defined. Companies should consider creating goals that focus on increasing diversity in the workplace, creating an inclusive culture, and providing equal opportunities for all employees.  

👐 How can Workplace help build a community? 

  • Build a community by asking for volunteers to be employee resource group (ERG) leaders and to be your champions. Employee resource groups are a great way to connect people that share the same identity, and to build a system of support for people who might be underrepresented in your organization. 

    Some examples from Meta's own Workplace community include: "Black@", "Women@", "LGBTQ@", "Differently Abled@", and many more. 
  • You ERG leaders will take a role in setting goals for their initiatives which should be part of the overall EDI goals. 

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Companies should also consider creating goals that focus on increasing awareness and understanding of EDI issues. This could include providing training on EDI topics, hosting EDI-related events, or implementing an EDI task force. 

Promote continuous commitment by targeting a specific number of attendees at internal events and training sessions. 

🤝  How can Workplace help to build commitment to EDI? 

  • Organize virtual events using Live Video. Encourage social resource groups to organize events that celebrate cultural moments and spread knowledge across the company. 
  • Use Live Video to record in-person events or use Workplace video integrations to broadcast remote panel discussions. 
  • Encourage participation by leveraging Live Q&A to answer employee questions and engage viewers with Live Video polls. Every Live Video can automatically be posted to the group so employees that miss the event can catch up later, and people can continue engaging in dialogue in the comments. 
  • Make sure you’re raising awareness of social resource groups in your company-wide channels. Create Events in Workplace to promote virtual training and share in company announcement groups and human resources (HR) groups. 

Companies should also consider establishing a reporting process for incidents of discrimination or harassment and implementing policies to ensure these incidents are addressed promptly.  


📊 How can Workplace help with reporting incidents? 

  • Create a reporting system for incidents of discrimination or harassment. This should include a designated person or team that employees can report to. Share it in the knowledge library home page so people can find it easily. 
  • Make sure employees know how to report an incident and who they should contact. Raise awareness about your reporting process by sharing the links in multiple active groups. 

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Finally, companies need to set benchmarks, track their progress and measure their success in achieving their EDI goals. This should include tracking employee demographics, monitoring their policies and practices related to EDI, and measuring employee satisfaction. 

Companies need to review their progress regularly and make adjustments as needed to ensure their goals are being met. It is also an effective method for demonstrating your improvement efforts to clients, employees and key stakeholders. By taking the time to create and implement EDI goals, companies can help ensure that their workplace is one where everyone feels valued and respected. 

At LineZero we are committed to helping organizations create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. We understand the importance of DEI and love to empower companies to create a culture of respect, understanding, and acceptance that will help them achieve their DEI goals. We are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization promote DEI in the workplace.

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