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How Does Positive Employee Experience Affect Customer Experience?

Ever wonder how your customer experience is connected to your employees’ experience? An employee's experience with a company affects the way they interact with customers. How your employees feel about their job impacts how much effort they put into helping customers. Companies often are confused or are in denial of the connection between customer experience and employee experience. They are all too focused on the end customer’s experience rather than on understanding the reason behind it.

In this blog, you will find:


Employees stand at the forefront of customer service, critically shaping its quality, especially when empathy is required or when handling dissatisfied customers.

FOSTERING A Deeper Understanding of Company Values

Engaged Employees who feel pride and ownership in the company’s values, mission, and vision will always go above and beyond for you. They will be completely focused on your customer experience, which eventually links back to them. If they can easily explain what your company is about and its core purpose, that produces a better understanding of your company values. Your corporate culture sets the tone for everything you do as a business. Having a solid corporate culture helps your employees make sound judgments and smarter decisions about how to interact with customers.

Improves customer service, experience and retention

Happy employees, happy customers! Successful companies understand that by investing in their employees, they are actually improving the customer experience for everyone involved. Employees who feel empowered and valued at work are more likely to deliver positive customer experiences. Companies with engaged employees experience lower turnover, higher productivity, improved communication and collaboration, enhanced customer service, increased sales, better risk management decisions, and much more.


Employees become Company Promoters

Happy and engaged employees may become company promoters. In our highly connected world, smart brands do their absolute best to turn all their stakeholders into their fans. Employees have the biggest potential to become the biggest fans. They are the ones who might be vocal about their positive experiences and recommend your company to their friends and family.

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How can you improve employee experience for better customer experience?

Employees who are happy in their jobs create the foundation for strong company cultures that customers enjoy being a part of. Here are four ways you can provide employee experiences that will ultimately lead to better customer experiences:

1. Create an engaging culture within the company

When your organization has a highly engaging culture and your employees are having a great time at work, this reflects in how they interact with customers. One of the proven ways to create an engaging culture is to provide your employees with an effective, easy-to-use employee engagement platform. Humans seek connections, and having the right platform makes it easier, which leads to higher engagement. One of the platforms widely used by Fortune 500 companies is Workplace from Meta. Its user-friendly interface has gained popularity. 

engaging culture with workplace

Offer new training opportunities to employees

It begins with how you treat your employees and whether they feel empowered to serve customers well. When you provide training opportunities for your employees, they can develop their competencies and deliver exceptional customer experience. Training becomes a necessary ingredient that creates a win-win situation for both employees and customers.

Encourage feedback through surveys

A company should always try its best to give employees a platform where they can speak out. This includes things like town hall meetings or even one-on-one conversations between a manager and team members. Employees should feel comfortable giving feedback. You can facilitate this by hosting training sessions and surveys to ensure employees understand the purpose and means of the feedback. You should make it clear that you value employee feedback and how it helps improve your organization through actions as well as words.


Provide recognition for good work

When employees are recognized for the good work they actually do, beyond just deadlines or quotas, that creates a culture where people look forward to coming to work every day, it is advisable to acknowledge each effort made by your team members even if it does not lead to any positive outcome. This way, supervisors are able to reinforce their employees' sense of initiative while making sure that everyone knows they are valued. To share contentment with the whole organization, you should follow up on feedback received from customers or clients.


Nurturing a positive employee experience is an integral and strategic investment that goes beyond fostering a happy workforce. It is about creating an atmosphere where employees feel empowered, appreciated, and aligned with the company's vision. This sense of belonging and purpose not only enhances their productivity but also directly influences the quality of their interactions with customers. Therefore, a robust employee experience doesn't just improve your company's internal dynamics—it also drives exceptional customer experiences, boosts your brand image, and reinforces your market position. Ultimately, by focusing on employee experience, you are laying a solid foundation for sustained business success and growth.


Employee engagement is one of the aspects of a great employee experience. Companies need to be focusing and investing in tools and approaches that increase employee engagement. Workplace from Meta can help you connect everyone in your company with familiar tools like Groups, Rooms, Chat, News Feed, and Knowledge Library. Book a call with us to try the free interactive Workplace demo where our team of experts can help set you up for internal communications success and help you to boost employee morale within your organization.


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