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Seamless Two-Way Communication – the Pinnacle of a Connected Company!

Ever felt that there's a major lack of two-way communication in your organization? It may help you to know that you're not alone - everyone, even the best companies with a solid, engaged workforce, will struggle with communication at some point....

4 Key Tips for Empowering Your Frontline Employees

Is empowering frontline employees top of mind for your organization? A recent Harvard Business Review survey showed that, of the 383 business leaders who responded to the study, 78% said they felt that connecting and empowering frontline...

Empowering Women in Tech

By Mihae Ahn, Head of Marketing at LineZero and ProServeIT

LineZero: Proud to Support Tims Camps and Camp Day!

Today is Camp Day – a day where you can help underprivileged kids go to camp, simply by buying your usual coffee from participating Tim Hortons restaurants! This simple act might not seem like much to you – after all, if you’re anything like the...

Workplace Groups: A Powerful Way to Connect & Collaborate!

 Want to understand how Workplace Groups can help you and your employees to better connect and collaborate? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we’re going to talk all about Workplace Groups and help you understand how to utilize...

Sports Facility Management 101: How Workplace Can Help You (Even During Playoffs)!


Workplace vs. Slack: A Comparison of Collaboration Hubs

Workplace vs. Slack – which one is better? Which one should my organization choose?

LineZero’s Customers to Take Advantage of Workplace By Facebook’s Exciting New Makeover

Mississauga, ON, Canada — May 1, 2019 —Workplace by Facebook recently announced that they will be giving the Workplace web experience a makeover, and LineZero is here to assist our customers in understanding what this Workplace redesign will mean...

The Positive Effects of Gender Diversity in the Workplace

Gender diversity in the workplace is becoming a major factor in many ways; not only does it help new employees determine whether or not they want to work for the organization in question, but there are several other positive effects that...

5 Ways to Improve Teamwork in Your Organization

Are you looking for ways to improve teamwork in your organization? Are teamwork and collaboration in the workplace prevalent themes that keep coming up in discussions? How happy is your staff with their ability to work as a team?

A Day in the Life of an HR Director (Using Workplace for HR)

Using Workplace for HR makes a lot of sense, when you consider what Workplace by Facebook (Workplace) is actually capable of. Way more than just a communications platform, Workplace makes work easier!  

Looking to Move to But Not sure if You’re Ready?

By: Caroline Mikhail, Workplace by Facebook Officer and Strategist, LineZero

Workplace for Good: Helping to Meld Passion with Purpose

Back in June last year, Workplace by Facebook announced the launch of Workplace for Good – a free version of the Workplace by Facebook platform for charities, educational institutions, and non-governmental organizations. Workplace for Good lets...

Setting Up Email-Less Solutions in Workplace for Your Non-Traditional Employees


Workplace by Facebook Now Provides An Email-Less Solution for Your Frontline Needs

Email-less solutions are in high demand, especially in specific sectors that employ frontline workers, or those organizations that require board members to stay informed.