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The Positive Effects of Gender Diversity in the Workplace

Gender diversity in the workplace is becoming a major factor in many ways; not only does it help new employees determine whether or not they want to work for the organization in question, but there are several other positive effects that...

5 Ways to Improve Teamwork in Your Organization

Are you looking for ways to improve teamwork in your organization? Are teamwork and collaboration in the workplace prevalent themes that keep coming up in discussions? How happy is your staff with their ability to work as a team?

Looking to Move to But Not sure if You’re Ready?

By: Caroline Mikhail, Workplace by Facebook Officer and Strategist, LineZero

Workplace for Good: Helping to Meld Passion with Purpose

Back in June last year, Workplace by Facebook announced the launch of Workplace for Good – a free version of the Workplace by Facebook platform for charities, educational institutions, and non-governmental organizations. Workplace for Good lets...

Setting Up Email-Less Solutions in Workplace for Your Non-Traditional Employees


Workplace by Facebook Now Provides An Email-Less Solution for Your Frontline Needs

Email-less solutions are in high demand, especially in specific sectors that employ frontline workers, or those organizations that require board members to stay informed.   

Workplace by Facebook Reaches 2 Million Paid Users!

Toronto, ON, Canada — March 7, 2019 — Workplace by Facebook has just announced that they have reached over 2 million paid customers every month in less than 2 years.

It’s Time to Get Serious About Your Corporate Culture

By: Stephanie Baskerville, Content Writer for LineZero

Let’s talk about corporate culture. Think back to what attracted you to the job you’re currently in. Why did you choose to work for the company that you’re currently working for? Was it the...

Five Great Ways Bots can Make Your Job Easier

Technology has sure progressed, to the point that bots are becoming everyone’s new digital co-worker. Those repetitive tasks and problems that sap your employees’ productivity and cost your company money? Bots are the simple solution to make...

Employee Recognition Ideas

Need some Employee Recognition ideas? One of the key HR trends for 2019 is that organizations are putting more of an emphasis on employee recognition. But, why is employee recognition so important? It helps increase employee engagement, reduce...

The Top 4 HR Priorities of 2019 (& How Workplace by Facebook can Help!)

Updated: Jan 12

So, just what are the top HR priorities of 2019? What opportunities and challenges will HR teams face this year? How can HR teams stay on top of these changes that are going to be happening?

In this blog, we’ll be taking an...

Workplace for the HR Manager: Embracing Corporate Culture Change

As the HR Manager for your organization, you are on the frontline of corporate culture change. You need a tool that can help make recruiting processes easier, faster, and more productive. The workplace is rapidly changing, and organizations are...

Modern Ways of Sharing Updates via Workplace by Facebook

Sharing updates via Workplace by Facebook – as opposed to using email, memos, or other methods of communication – has really revolutionized how we communicate in our organizations. Posting to an enterprise social network, like Workplace by...

6 Great Tips for Getting Your Team to Adopt Workplace by Facebook

“I want my team to adopt Workplace by Facebook. I’ve spent time and money implementing it for my organization, and now I want to make sure that I’m getting the maximum ROI.”

If this sentiment rings true with you, you need to keep reading this...

Is Work-Life Balance Realistic?

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

When you hear the words “work-life balance”, what do you think of?

Does it conjure up images of an early morning that starts with time to yourself, transitions into your 8-hour work day, then finishes off with the perfect...