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8 Gender Equality Initiatives that Can #MakeAnImpact In Your Organization

By LineZero on 13-May-2021 8:26:39 AM

What can your organization do to advocate for gender equality and diversity? LineZero’s recent #MakeAnImpact webinar featured 4 women leaders from HarperCollins Publishers, SWBC, Workplace from Facebook and LineZero, who shared tips for creating a more gender-equal workplace. Read on to explore the main learnings from the webinar. The webinar recording is available for you to watch at your convenience to tap into more ideas, tips, and suggestions that can inspire you and your team.

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Workplace from Facebook and Microsoft Teams: Your Internal Communications Magic Wand!

By LineZero on 29-Apr-2021 2:08:28 PM

Currently looking at Microsoft Teams and Workplace from Facebook and wondering which one is better for your organization? Why not use both and achieve better business outcomes? In this blog, we’ll compare Workplace from Facebook and Microsoft Teams in detail and help you to explore the benefits of using both great tools – together!

9 min read

How to enhance your company’s diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging efforts with technology

By LineZero on 23-Apr-2021 10:42:03 AM

According to McKinsey’s report “Diversity wins: How inclusion matters”, although a third of companies are achieving real gains in diversity and inclusion, the “majority are remaining static or declining – even where their leaders have articulated noble aspirations for inclusion and diversity.”

Having motivation alone isn’t enough. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) initiatives in the workplace need to be intentionally and carefully cultivated.

What are some concrete ways organizations can effectively create and foster DEIB initiatives? The first step is to understand what each of the terms – diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging – mean in the workplace. With a clearer understanding of each term, you can consider what tool and platform you want and need to have in place for any initiatives. Further, with more people working remotely than ever before, and less in-person interactions, it’s important to determine what technology can be the best platform for your DEIB initiatives that everybody can access - this can be a big factor in the success of your initiatives.

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How to Recognize Employee Performance to Spark Innovation at Work

By LineZero on 16-Apr-2021 12:38:02 AM

Is your organization struggling to innovate? Frustratingly, you’re working hard but you’re not getting very far. According to HBR, it’s not an idea problem – it’s a recognition problem! This vlog explores how to enhance innovation at work and how technology can help to leverage new ideas from employees. Watch the video to learn how your organization can build a culture of innovation through intentional recognition of teams and individuals.

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How to Make Productivity Improvements in Your Organization

By LineZero on 25-Mar-2021 2:00:00 PM

As communications leaders, there is so much to do and little time to do it. Being an effective leader involves putting the right systems and processes in place to enhance team productivity and empower people to do their best work. So, how can you make intentional efforts toward increasing your organizational productivity, specifically within and across teams?

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How to Achieve Permanent State of Adaptability in the Workplace?

By LineZero on 18-Mar-2021 2:00:00 PM

Hello everyone. Welcome to LineZero’s vlog series. In HBR’s recent article, “The Secret of Adaptable Organizations is Trust,” the author presents a “less is more” approach to adaptability using three design principles that can help leaders loosen their grip on the organization (while not allowing it to descend into chaos) to give employees the freedom they need to work effectively. During the pandemic, many CEOs reported that their organization appears to work best in crisis mode. Now, to achieve a permanent state of adaptability, the question becomes – how can organizations use this momentum and experience to move from crisis mode to forward thinking? Let’s take a look.  

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What’s New in Workplace? January – March 2021

By LineZero on 16-Mar-2021 2:00:00 PM

Workplace’s commitment to providing best-in-class experiences, regardless of the device you’re using, has propelled some exciting new updates that your organization can start taking advantage of in 2021! 

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the most recent updates to Workplace from Facebook for Mobile platforms (iOS and Android) and as a software for PC/Mac, showing you the new features that are designed to make you more productive than ever before. Read below to discover the latest 2021 updates from January to March.

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Managing Culture to Inspire Organizational Change

By LineZero on 11-Mar-2021 1:58:44 PM

Welcome to LineZero’s vlog series. In HBR’s recent article, “The Leaders Guide to Corporate Culture,” they state that the best leaders are fully aware of the multiple cultures within their organization which they are embedded, can sense when change is required, and can influence the process. We’ve all heard the saying, “culture eats strategy for breakfast. So, how can you manage culture to fully maximize its value? Let’s take a look at how you can nurture culture within your people interactions and response to change.

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An Effective Digital Transformation Strategy Focuses on Employee Experience

By LineZero on 9-Mar-2021 4:54:31 PM

In this technology-enabled world, digital transformation is a big buzzword that is getting a lot of attention. In fact, many enterprises have already embraced digital transformation as an opportunity to create a better experience for their employees.  

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Good Leadership is About Asking Good Questions

By LineZero on 5-Mar-2021 2:00:00 PM

What is a game-changing professional development opportunity that communications leaders can take advantage of today? Adopt a vulnerable leadership style!

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Do Your Remote Employees Feel Included in Meetings?

By LineZero on 25-Feb-2021 5:21:16 PM

In today’s article, let’s talk about the HBR article entitled, “Do Your Remote Employees Feel Included in Meetings?”

Don't have time to read watch full video.

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3 Proven Strategies for Motivating Employees Who Work Remotely

By LineZero on 19-Feb-2021 5:05:42 PM

What are the proven strategies for motivating employees who work remotely? Introducing a new tool in the workplace has plenty of benefits, but knowing how to navigate which tool to choose can be difficult. In the case of collaboration tools, improving communication, encouraging team members to form personal relationships and driving engagement is key to maintaining the efficiency and productivity of remote teams 

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How to Manage Talent in a Post-Pandemic World

By LineZero on 11-Feb-2021 3:45:50 PM

The world of work is evolving. Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, Human Resources professionals have always been focused on driving impact across the employee life cycle. With the changing landscape, one of the hardest things when it comes to remote workers is delivering impactful, positive employee experiences that help to keep teams in sync, retain talent and promote productivity.

That’s where Workplace from Facebook comes in. This blog covers 3 tips for managing talent in a post-pandemic world by emphasizing and prioritizing the delivery of positive employee experiences.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Organization’s Team Working Skills

By LineZero on 5-Feb-2021 4:26:03 PM

"What's the best communication & collaboration tool to improve my organization’s team working skills?"

With a large number of the population working remotely, we’ve been receiving questions, similar to the above about whether or not Workplace from Facebook can improve your organization’s team working skills. This blog covers 3 tips you need to know to get started using Workplace from Facebook as your team collaboration and productivity tool, and how to effectively empower teams to improve their team working skills.

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Employee Experience Trends That Will Shape 2021 & Beyond

By LineZero on 30-Jan-2021 11:48:33 AM

Let’s talk about the HBR article entitled, “9 Trends That Will Shape 2021 and Beyond.” For today’s article, let’s narrow it down to 2 trends that your organization can expect to see in 2021, and how to not only embrace and adapt to those trends, but thrive.

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Are You Really Innovating Around Your Customers’ Needs?

By LineZero on 22-Jan-2021 2:04:09 PM

In this article, let’s talk about the HBR article, “Are You Really Innovating Around Your Customers’ Needs?” HBR recommends three ways that organizations can come up with truly innovative ideas by putting people first. To see how this looks in action, let’s walk through the critical path to creating opportunities for your customers with an example use case from LineZero’s engagement with Tim Horton’s Foundation Camps

2 min read

Smart Ways to Improve Leadership Skills in Workplace

By LineZero on 19-Jan-2021 9:29:55 AM

A vulnerable leadership style can lead to enhanced trust between your organization and your target audience and build confidence and credibility in your products and/or services.

14 min read

The Positive Effects of Gender Diversity in the Workplace

By LineZero on 15-Oct-2020 4:03:22 PM

Gender diversity in the workplace is becoming a major factor in many ways; not only does it help new employees determine whether or not they want to work for the organization in question, but there are several other positive effects that organizations can take advantage of if they make gender diversity in the workplace a priority. 

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Workplace Launches Knowledge Library

By Caroline Mikhail on 7-May-2020 9:50:14 AM

Workplace from Facebook is a best-of-breed, mobile-first, high adoption platform, which has transformed the way thousands of organizations communicate and collaborate.

Workplace has proved time and time again how it can bring corporate culture to life in a short amount of time. With a plethora of features from chat, live stream, private and multi-company groups, direct messaging, polls, safety checks, and customer integrations, the customization is endless.

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Addressing the Generation Gap at Work: The Top 2 Ways That Generations Work Differently

By LineZero on 23-Aug-2019 9:58:14 AM

Addressing the generation gap at work has become a hot topic in today’s corporate environment. For the first time, we have the potential to have four (but sometimes even five) generations of workers in the workplace at any given time. Companies are now hiring Millennials and Gen Z’ers into the workforce alongside Baby Boomers, and Generation X, and that can lead to some major differences.  

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The 6 Pillars of a Connected Workplace: How a Connected Workforce Compels Digital Transformation

By LineZero on 8-Aug-2019 4:10:53 PM

Building a connected workplace is not just embracing the future of work – after all, a connected workforce will be utilizing digital transformation in a way that we have only dreamed of – but it’s also ensuring that your organization is operating at its peak efficiency. In fact, a connected workforce leads to a 17% increase in productivity, a 21% increase in profitability, and a 40% reduction in employee turnover.  

So, how can you turn your organization into a connected workplace? How can you make sure that you have a connected workforce, so that you can reap the benefits in your own company?  

That’s what this blog is all about! In the next several paragraphs, we’re going to talk about the 6 pillars of a connected workplace: 

  • Openness 
  • Mobility 
  • Visual 
  • Integrated 
  • Ubiquitous 
  • Personalized 

Read along to learn how these six pillars of a connected workplace are the foundation for your organization’s digital transformation, and how Workplace by Facebook (Workplace) can act as the guiding principles.


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Organizational Change Management: Then and Now

By LineZero on 2-Aug-2019 3:33:53 PM

Organizational change management is one of those things that you can’t get rid of – like it or not, or whether you agree with it or not, if you need to make significant changes in your organization, you need to have a solid change management plan in place. in fact, the way that you handle change management for your employees determines how successful the change is.  

Understanding the Benefits of Change Management

So, let’s talk about organizational change management for a moment. Technology has advanced significantly in the past decade, and, while that change has been all for the better for some aspects, other aspects, like organizational change management, have suffered greatly. So, in this blog, we’re going to look at organizational change management from back then, and compare it to the journey now, while also showing you why proper organizational change management is so important.  

Let’s dive right in. 

7 min read

4 Key Tips for Empowering Your Frontline Employees

By LineZero on 27-Jun-2019 4:29:37 PM

Is empowering frontline employees top of mind for your organization? A Harvard Business Review survey showed that, of the 383 business leaders who responded to the study, 78% said they felt that connecting and empowering frontline employees is critical to their organization’s future success.


8 min read

Workplace Groups: A Powerful Way to Connect & Collaborate!

By LineZero on 4-Jun-2019 10:21:30 AM

Want to understand how Workplace Groups can help you and your employees to better connect and collaborate? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog, we’re going to talk all about Workplace Groups and help you understand how to utilize them in your organization! 

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9 min read

Workplace vs. Slack: A Comparison of Collaboration Hubs

By LineZero on 14-May-2019 3:57:25 PM

Workplace vs. Slack – which one is better? Which one should my organization choose?

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A Day in the Life of an HR Director (Using Workplace for HR)

By LineZero on 16-Apr-2019 11:28:00 AM

Using Workplace for HR makes a lot of sense, when you consider what Workplace by Facebook (Workplace) is actually capable of. Way more than just a communications platform, Workplace makes work easier!  

7 min read

The Top 4 HR Priorities of 2019 (& How Workplace by Facebook can Help!)

By LineZero on 11-Jan-2019 6:57:00 AM


So, just what are the top HR priorities of 2019? What opportunities and challenges will HR teams face this year? How can HR teams stay on top of these changes that are going to be happening?

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6 Great Tips for Getting Your Team to Adopt Workplace by Facebook

By LineZero on 6-Dec-2018 6:27:00 AM

“I want my team to adopt Workplace by Facebook. I’ve spent time and money implementing it for my organization, and now I want to make sure that I’m getting the maximum ROI.”

If this sentiment rings true with you, you need to keep reading this blog! Below, we’ve put together six great tips for getting your team to adopt Workplace by Facebook. Let’s dive in!

1: Make Workplace by Facebook a PEOPLE Project



Many implementations fail because decision-makers forgot that they weren’t just purchasing a product… they were purchasing a solution. Workplace by Facebook, like other solutions out there, was designed to alleviate various pain-points within an organization. So, an important part of adopting Workplace by Facebook is to show your employees what pain points this new tool will alleviate. Remember, people react better to having to adopt new things when you explain what’s in it for them.



A Demo is Worth a Thousand Words

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To help your employees adopt Workplace by Facebook, let them know how this new tool is going to make their jobs easier! And, by having HR and other people-centric departments involved in the process, you can spread the message that you made the change to Workplace by Facebook with your employees’ best interests in mind.


2: Have Active C-Level or Executive Participation in Adopting Workplace by Facebook



Active C-Level/Executive participation can really boost Workplace by Facebook adoption among employees. After all, if the CEO of the company is using the tool on a regular basis, it must be something that the company believed would be of benefit to the organization as a whole.

A C-Level or executive should be strongly encouraged to use Workplace by Facebook’s cool features to help employees see engagement in the platform. Use the polling features, create live videos for announcements, and open up discussion threads! These activities will help your employees adopt Workplace by Facebook because they’ll come to see it as an open platform for communication within the organization. Plus, the reaction buttons (like, love, laugh, sad, angry) are an easy way to show your employees that you’re listening to their feedback.

But this doesn’t just go for C-Level or Executives… to encourage employees to adopt Workplace by Facebook, have your managers on there, too! For instance, if you have a finance group, make sure that the finance managers are all posting and using the platform.


3: Communication, Communication, Communication!



Like any implementation, you need a solid communication strategy behind adopting Workplace by Facebook for your organization. Be sure to create verbiage that shows that you’re going to be making Workplace by Facebook a commonplace tool in your organization.

Here are a few ideas on how you can introduce Workplace by Facebook to your team:

  • Weekly team meetings are a great place to announce the change that will be taking place. Start a few months before you actually launch Workplace by Facebook.

  • Hold activities, like Town Hall Meetings, or Lunch & Learns, so your employees can have their say, ask their questions, and express their concerns.

  • Create FAQ sheets, ‘cheat sheets’, or one-pagers on the benefits of Workplace by Facebook and all the new features that your employees will be able to take advantage of.

It’s important to remember that people don’t usually like it when things are sprung on them at the last minute. In order to get employee adoption of Workplace by Facebook, you’re going to have to start implementing a communication plan with ample time for your employees to adjust to what’s going to happen once Workplace by Facebook is launched. Last minute changes can lead to anxiety and stress, which is almost guaranteed to make people less receptive to adopting a new technology.


4: Allow Your Employees the Freedom to Make Workplace by Facebook Their Own



Another tip for getting employees to adopt Workplace by Facebook is to let them make the platform their own. Consider this: how much more likely are you to actively enjoy something when you had a hand in building it?

Research has shown that those who have a positive, happy mindset are 31% more productive than their negative or neutral counterparts, so let your employees have a say in what they want from the platform and they’re far more likely to adopt Workplace by Facebook! they want – even if it’s a group to celebrate their feline friends!


5: Trust Your Employees to Adopt Workplace by Facebook On Their Terms



Trust is important in any relationship. For business owners and executives, it certainly helps build a strong corporate culture when you show that you trust your employees. One way to demonstrate this trust is to be open to the engaging content that your employees want to create – even if that includes creating a group dedicated to their four-legged pals!

Technology projects, like implementing Workplace by Facebook, can easily crash and burn when people are treated as simply “users”. It’s so impersonal! But these are actual people using this technology, so if you want a sure-fire way to increase adoption, treat your people as people, not users.


6: Make the Training Fun!



Workplace by Facebook is, in many ways, identical to the commercial version, so anyone currently using Facebook should be able to get started using Workplace with relative ease. However, it’s important not to assume that employees are using Facebook and create a training program that takes both the inexperienced and veteran user into account.


A Demo is Worth a Thousand Words

Every organization is unique, so your demo should be uniquely matched to your specific business needs. Contact us to tailor your Workplace demo.

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There are many variations of training out there – hands-on, computer-based, online/e-learning, interactive, video, etc. – but whatever you choose, make sure that the people who are doing the training are some of your Workplace champions. Why? Because they not only know the product, they’ll also have the proper enthusiasm for it, which makes training more fun.

Here are a few ideas to make training more fun:

  • Consider Mixing Up Your Training Format. We’re not exactly fans of PowerPoint presentations, and (let’s be honest), they’re not usually well-received. So, mix it up! Bingo-style games, scavenger hunts, lunch & learns… these are all some interesting and engaging ways to learn about a new technology like Workplace by Facebook.

  • Offer Incentives. It doesn’t hurt to show your employees how you value their efforts to learn something new. Offer gift cards to local coffee shops, let them take their pick of the office swag (within reason, of course), or order in lunch for them while they go through the training. These small gestures will go a long way.

  • Create a Contest. The person who responds to the most posts in a week. The first team to reach 10 consecutive daily posts. The first person to answer 5 polls. The post with the most engagements. Whatever you decide, these contests should encourage your employees to not only learn about Workplace by Facebook, but also adopt the platform! Be sure to recognize those employees who take part in the contests in some way.

Get Your Employees to Adopt Workplace by Facebook Today!

Workplace by Facebook is an amazing collaboration tool that has the potential to change how your employees connect and collaborate with each other – but only if it’s adopted as the solution it’s meant to be. Having trouble getting your employees to adopt Workplace by Facebook? Give us a shout! At LineZero, we aren’t just your go-to Canadian Workplace by Facebook partner – we use it ourselves! From design, to pilot, to implementation, our expert staff is capable of helping you build and adopt the innovative and collaborative Workplace environment you’re looking for.

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7 min read

5 Ways Workplace by Facebook Helps Engage Your Employees

By Stephanie Baskerville on 6-Nov-2018 6:46:00 AM

Workplace by Facebook has been lauded as a stellar way to engage your employees and build a sense of community. After all, it’s the perfect tool to capture employee sentiments, share any upcoming announcements, give kudos to employees who go above and beyond the call of duty, and create social groups that help your employees get to know each other better.

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