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New Workplace from Meta Integration with Microsoft Teams | LineZero

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations have changed the way they work to support remote and hybrid working models. With organizations depending on several collaboration tools more than ever before, employees are constantly switching between them in order to obtain information, and crucial communications are oftentimes missed. As your organization starts to evolve for the future, it’s important that your team and culture evolve alongside it, with the appropriate technologies and tools in place.

Workplace from Meta (Workplace) is a communications tool where your organization’s culture and community come to life. Now you can reach and engage employees from Workplace in Microsoft Teams! Employees can stay-up to date on important information and have opportunities for company-wide feedback and engagement all without needing to switch apps. Bringing the way people work into one place and helping seamlessly share content across the two platforms makes it easier to engage in company wide conversations.

In this blog, we’ll look at the new Workplace from Meta integration with Microsoft Teams and how it helps your organization connect across tools!

How Does the Integration Work?

Workplace can integrate with your existing tools, making it easier to build culture and community, connect with employees, and find important information. Regardless of which tools your employees are using on a daily basis, implementing workplace integrations can help ensure that important communications reach everyone.

Let's have a look at how the new Workplace and Teams integration works:

1. Workplace can be pinned to the Teams sidebar by Microsoft Teams admins.

  • This will allow the Workplace app to be visible in everyone’s Teams sidebar by default. Alternatively, any user can do this for their own personal view.
  • When employees log in to Workplace within Teams, they will see a condensed version of their News Feed and will be able to view, react to, and comment on posts directly within Teams.
  • They'll also find that any posts marked as important will be highlighted at the top of their News Feed.

2. A Workplace group feed can be added to a tab in a Teams channel by Microsoft Teams users.

  • With a Workplace tab, channel members can add a post to a Workplace group they are a member of. This is only available for open or closed groups.
  • Whenever someone posts in the group on Workplace, it will be immediately uploaded to the Workplace tab in Teams.

Watch the short video below to see the powerful duo together in action:




What Does This Imply for Employee Engagement?

How does the integration benefit your people now that you have a better understanding of it? Bringing together the tools and features you need to keep your people engaged, Workplace and Teams guarantees a richer and a more productive work experience that helps people remain connected and collaborate at scale. Not only will this help boost employee engagement but it will also make it easier for employees to keep up to date with the latest information and open up many opportunities for company-wide feedback and involvement.

Coming Soon in 2022

Coming soon you will be able to broadcast teams into Workplace! After a broadcast has taken place the recording will be uploaded directly on Workplace. Employees can catch up on a meeting or event by watching the recording in case they were unable to attend or missed something that was said. 

The ability to stream meeting, events and broadcasts from Teams to Workplace will be available in early 2022.

exmple teams and workplace together



Explore More Workplace and Microsoft Integrations

Integrations like Teams and Workplace makes it easier for remote and hybrid working employees in the same organization to communicate and collaborate in one place! Did you know there are other Microsoft integrations? SharePoint and PowerBI are two more Microsoft products that can integrate with Workplace!

With SharePoint and Workplace's efficient file sharing capabilities, you can turn your teams into communication superheroes! You can also make the most of your reporting by bringing your people data to life with Power BI and Workplace.


Already Using Workplace and Teams?

If your team would like more clarity around how both technologies can be used together and better for a higher adoption and ROI, we will be happy to chat. We can help you create the strategy to implement and adopt both Workplace and Teams in your organization.

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Not Using Workplace Yet?

Want to further explore how a digital workplace solution, like Workplace from Meta, could help you take your success to the next level? Give us a shout! We’ll help you brainstorm ideas on how to utilize Workplace to achieve your organization’s unique goals and objectives.

From this brainstorming session, we’ll help you to see a visual blueprint that will show you how your existing technologies and Workplace from Meta can integrate to help close the gaps between your business goals and objectives and your technology capabilities.

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