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5 Great Inclusive Initiatives for Frontline Workers - Blog Series #3

Within your organization, you may have observed a more diverse workforce that embraces a wide variety of ages, religions, backgrounds, and qualifications. As your organization identifies and hires people with such diverse characteristics and credentials, the challenge then becomes having a culture where all employee types feel included. Diversity is one thing but capitalizing on enhancing inclusivity across all employee types allows your organization to create a culture where people feel valued, appreciated, and recognized regardless of your role within the company.

Frontline employees are the heart of your organization and usually the face of your company.

Whether they’re delivering support and services to customers, or manufacturing and assembling products, they are crucial to your success as a business. These employees are often deskless, however that does not mean that they should also be voiceless.

Creating Inclusivity for Your Frontline Workers

Organizations today are focusing more on increasing diversity, equity and inclusion for their frontline workers and are also introducing ways to address any labor or turnover woes as frontline employees are still feeling disconnected. According to one report, 52% of frontline managers don’t feel valued by their business and 85% of deskless workers are feeling disconnected from their head offices.

5 Inclusive Initiatives for Frontline Workers

This matters because when your entire organization feels more updated, engaged, and encouraged, especially frontline workers, they produce enhanced experiences for customers, which in turn leads to substantial effects like greater trust and loyalty in the services your company provides, and in the end that leads to higher revenue.

The following are a few points to consider for organizations interested in extending inclusive initiatives to their frontline teams:

  1. Guarantee all company messaging and information are effectively communicated to frontline workers to ensure they feel integrated and aligned with corporate messaging, core values and initiatives

  2. Provide enterprise software and productivity tools like Workplace from Meta that will make it effortless for frontline workers to improve new skills, ask questions, and get the job done successfully

  3. Introduce consistent and ongoing feedback loops so you can check in with your frontline workers and certify that their feedback, ideas, and voices are heard.

  4. Make work easier by creating a direct channel to leadership and allowing frontline employees to communicate with each other so they can reinforce best practices, circulate knowledge, and build community amongst themselves.

  5. Ensure all your recognition programs acknowledge employees equally as you celebrate small wins to ultimately reap the benefits of increasing morale and having a motivated frontline workforce.

Implementing the initiatives above will highlight to your frontline workers that they won’t be overlooked or undervalued, and this results in them feeling more connected and included within your organization’s culture, strategies, and daily activities. If this isn’t a focal point internally, companies undoubtedly face the risk of higher turnover, less productivity and poor morale as these workers will feel left behind.

It’s important to find exciting new ways to empower your frontline employees as a first step to allow your organization to meet the challenges of connecting your employees to resources across the company, communicating with them, and bridging the gap between headquarters to allow them to feel a part of a truly connected company.

It’s time to embrace change by introducing a platform like Workplace from Meta that will give you all the tools to connect your deskless, frontline employees with your wider organization.

If you’d like to learn more about Workplace from Meta and what it can do to improve engagement by your frontline workers, contact us at

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