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How Incentives Can Encourage Digital Adoption in Large Scale Changes?

In recent memory, it’s been evident that bringing new digital tools and technologies into your organization to communicate better, connect, complete tasks, etc., can increase productivity and help you become more efficient as an organization.

As companies begin to support staff across a broader range of locations with a comprehensive set of wants, the requirement for digital solutions expands.  As the business environment and customer expectations are changing rapidly, it's crucial for companies to stay ahead of the curve by adopting new digital solutions that can help them meet the evolving needs of their staff, customers, and partners. Implementing new digital tools and technologies for internal communication is beneficial and often a must for companies that want to stay competitive and successful in today's fast-paced business world.

The Benefits of Implementing Digital Tools for Internal Communication

Moreover, the implementation of such tools can help the company to have better control over internal communication within your organization, and it can also help to increase transparency and accountability. In addition, digital tools can help to improve customer service and relationships, which in turn can lead to more revenue and business growth.

Some examples of frequently used digital tools include Salesforce and Microsoft Teams to help different teams (Sales, Finance, etc.) work as one from anywhere, as well as Workplace from Meta which is an all-in-one business internal communication platform. 

How can we help our employees feel comfortable and understand the benefits of using new technology in our organization?

There is an ongoing challenge that all organizations face, however, and that’s getting every employee comfortable with adopting new platforms. The focal challenge is getting the employees familiar with why the tool is essential and how this change can ultimately benefit them.  

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It’s up to the organization’s leaders to invest time and effort to help people, make them feel comfortable in utilizing the tools, and eventually understand how it makes their lives better.  

The most successful route taken has been incentivizing and rewarding employees for adopting any new platforms. Companies have begun to leverage fun, engaging, and monetary challenges/competitions to increase urgency and help employees get started and understand why the new technology is an improvement from what they had before. 

Below are some examples of how you can increase adoption using campaigns built around contests and challenges, and most importantly, prizes! 

3 Creative ideas for incentive  Adoption StrategIES:

Incentives may be an effective motivator for staff to embrace new digital tools and technology. Organizations may generate excitement and urgency that pushes employees to take action and accept change by implementing campaigns centered on contests, challenges, and awards.

We'll show you how to employ incentives to encourage the adoption of digital technology. These ideas can help you get your staff on board and enthused about the new technology, ranging from launch day contests and giveaways to leaderboard competitions and charitable donations. 

1. Claim to Fame: Launch Day Contest or Raffle 🎟️

Communicating contests before launch with incentivizing people to claim their accounts early will help generate excitement. The incentive may be that the first “X” number of people to claim their account on launch day/week get awarded a prize (i.e., a gift card, company swag, additional day off, etc.) OR they are entered into a raffle for a prize. 

Incentive strategy 1 - communicate a contest ahead of launch

2. Rise to the Top: Leaderboard Competition 🏆

Set a threshold for a claim rate (i.e., 80%) that specific teams need to reach to be recognized or awarded. This will encourage team members to encourage those not on the platform to join. You can set a deadline for this and/or have a public "leaderboard" that shows the top teams every day/week to invite a little bit of friendly competition into the mix. 

incentive strategy 2 - have a friendly competition

3. Give Back: Charity Donations 🫶🏽

Pick a charity and announce that for every person that claims their account within a certain timeline, the company will donate $X per person. 

Incentive strategy 3 - donnate to charity


To summarize, firms must integrate new digital tools and technology for internal communication to boost productivity, efficiency, and cooperation among employees. Employee adoption of these new tools may increase techniques like contests, challenges, and awards.

Offering incentives for early adopters on launch day, setting claim rate objectives for teams, and even contributing to a charity depending on the number of accounts claimed are some examples of these techniques. Organizations may help workers understand the value of adopting new technology and make the transition easier by entertaining the adoption process and emphasizing the real advantages. Furthermore, it is critical for businesses to keep ahead of the curve by implementing innovative digital solutions that may assist them in meeting the changing demands of their employees, customers, and partners. 

If you as an organization are having trouble getting employees to adopt platforms like Workplace from Meta, there are plenty of different strategies you can implement. For more information about building an inclusive workplace or to learn more about Workplace from Meta, contact us at

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