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All You Need to Know: What is Employee Morale & How to Improve It?

Employee morale for LineZero is characterized as your employees’ attitude, satisfaction, and overall outlook during their time with a company or organization. Employees that are satisfied and motivated at work have a higher morale than their peers. Employee engagement and satisfaction are critical factors in ensuring that employees are satisfied in their workplace. 

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Employee morale is the attitude or outlook that employees have about their work as well as their place of employment. However, it’s about more than just how an employee feels about their job. It’s also about how they approach their daily tasks, how invested they are in the company’s mission and values, and what kind of attitude they have about the company’s direction. Employee morale is vital since it is linked to critical factors including employee engagement, job satisfaction, retention, and overall productivity. 

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What is employee morale and its importance?  

What is morale? Morale is one of the most significant factors which contributes to the success of an organization. Employees' feelings of well-being related to the work environment and their assigned role are also included. Simply put, higher morale leads to happier employees.  

Why is building team morale important? 

Employee morale is closely tied to your company's total productivity, market competitiveness, and, as a result, your profitability.  

Organizations that have a higher level of employee morale find that their employees tend to be more productive, more satisfied with their jobs, and more engaged at work. This can give you a significant advantage because happy and fulfilled people at work tend to stay in place (low employee turnover) and tend to boost customer satisfaction ratings. 

How do you improve employee morale at work?

To build team morale, organizations must build trust within your team, as well as identify and address any problems in order to determine the best steps to help employees. What works for one team may not work for the next as each is unique and has its own needs and struggles. While there are various ways to improve employee morale, here are some of the most reliable: 

  • Educate employees on their working styles 📚 
  • Welcome two-way feedback 🗣️ 
  • Offer training and development opportunities 💻 
  • Prioritize employee recognition 👏 

Your employee morale is the backbone of your company. As an organization’s leader, you can't afford to not take it seriously. Numerous studies show that positive work cultures foster productivity, and it pays to keep your employees happy.  

After all, the happier they are, the more productive they are, right? 

How can Workplace from Meta improve/help with employee Morale? 

Workplace from Meta is an amazing platform for collecting this valuable data. Employee Experience Surveys, for example, can help you demonstrate to your employees that you value their feedback. Strategically monitoring employee morale can assist you in improving employee morale and engagement, which in turn aids in the development of your corporate culture. 

Workplace from Meta is Meta's all-in-one business communication platform securely combines chat, video, groups, and your intranet with the work tools you already use daily. 


What are the impacts of improving team morale? 

Boosting employee morale goes beyond just benefiting business outcomes.  Here are a few other impacts of positive employee morale:  

  • More effective teamwork 😃 

    With an increase in overall happiness, teammates are more likely to collaborate effectively. High morale typically indicates a more positive outlook and a greater willingness to connect with and cooperate with their team. When employees form positive working relationships with their coworkers, they are more likely to feel engaged and happier.  

  • Higher productivity 👔

    When improving employee morale, organizations can expect to subsequently improve productivity and performance. When employees are happier, they usually perform better. Notably, team morale heavily influences employee engagement which also plays a large part in productivity. If a business is struggling with maintaining high levels of productivity and performance, they should first examine their team's morale and prioritize its improvement 

  • Better retention 🤝 

    When employees stay with an organization, they can build connections and stronger working relationships with their colleagues. Employees need to form bonds and understand how to communicate with other team members to collaborate effectively and feel comfortable in the workplace.  

Key takeaways on employee morale 

Because of its impact on both culture and the overall success of a business, organizations must prioritize improving morale in the workplace. These practices can make all the difference, especially for remote teams or organizations using a hybrid model, where employees are more susceptible to feeling insignificant or disconnected. Employers have powerful contributions to make to ensure high employee morale, as it is usually up to leaders to promote positivity and solid practices in the workplace.

Higher morale can be achieved when leaders take the initiative to implement practices such as employee recognition, fair compensation and benefits, growth opportunities, and other methods of building trust and ensuring a healthy company culture. While there are many ideas to improve employee morale, it is up to each organization to determine which will best suit the needs of its people. 

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