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Boosting Employee Experience aNd Streamlined Access to Company Updates using Workplace from Meta.

Based in Virginia, Dexian is a global technology and consulting firm specializing in Managed Services, Business, Consulting, and IT/Non-IT Staffing Services. Dexian experts are thought leaders in the industry, they bring in the best-in-class expertise to over 250 Fortune 500 companies. Recognized as a Top 20 Staffing Provider and one of the Largest Staffing Firms in the U.S.

Dexian was passionate about elevating their communication, fostering connection, and strengthening engagement with their frontline consultants. However, these consultants lacked official work email, which posed a significant challenge to direct communication with the headquarters, leaving them reliant on personal emails and phone calls. Dexian aspired to enhance company-wide communication and expedite the dissemination of crucial HR information, envisioning bots and automation as the keys to this transformation. Primarily, Dexian identified Workplace as a distinctive tool to set them apart from competitors and provide a unique work experience for their staff. 

 Upon adopting Workplace from Meta, Dexian has redefined its workplace environment, making company-wide updates and HR help more accessible to consultants. This adoption led to heightened connectivity, workplace communication, and collaboration internally. Let's explore some of the features they've deployed: 


Dexian's key Workplace Features

Streamlined information delivery with the aid of Workplace Bot, enhancing connection from HR to the organization.

Facilitated easy access to company updates from HQ through focused training programs on Workplace.

Frontline workers are more in the loop with amplified company-wide communication and real-time feedback.

Workplace from meta bots

Using Bots to supercharge the  employee experience

Dexian saw the need for efficient delivery of HR information to consultants, which couldn't be fulfilled by relying on the phone or personal email. They implemented a Workplace bot, "Harry Botter," connected to their HR system to promptly answer FAQs related to benefits, vacation, etc.

workplace from meta best practices

Bridging the gap between frontline consultants & Hq

With various training workshops focused on Workplace best practices, consultants can now easily access company updates from HQ in company-wide groups or in the News Feed on Workplace.  Instant contact with HQ is also made possible through the Workplace chat app on their mobile devices.

workplace from meta chat feature

Reinventing communication to cultivate a better experience for frontlines

Gone are the days of consultants accessing personal email to receive company-wide communications. The Workplace mobile app has simplified access for frontline employees, enabling them to view updates and messages on their mobile devices. Moreover, they can engage with HQ instantly and receive real-time feedback.


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