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Enhancing Employee Communications with Workplace from Meta


Founded in 1933, our client, an international independent energy company dedicated to the exploration and production of natural gas & crude oil. They are recognized as a global industry leader in environmental, social and governance performance & disclosure. The organization is also involved in several oil exploration activities in places like the Gulf of Mexico, Guyana and Suriname.  

Our client previously used SharePoint to send updates to its employees but this left them without an employee feedback channel, the analytics were poor and its workforce could not access the content from their mobile devices.  After discovering these issues, their leadership team invested in Workplace from Meta as their main communications platform to help create an avenue for employees to connect to their leadership. In addition, this platform was the main driver to cultivate their employees, build a better work culture and highlight their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives to its 1,700 employees (many of whom are frontline workers)! 

With Workplace from Meta, their leadership team is now able to connect with its employees by streaming live company events and Q&As with its CEO within Workplace, and highlight its numerous diversity initiatives via structured Groups for specific topics (this Workplace from Meta feature allows companies to create official groups to communicate important updates to a team, region or entire company). 

Are you experiencing a communications gap between your leadership team and your employees? Discover how Workplace from Meta helped our client better communicate its unique work culture to their employees!

Workplace Results

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Live Video: Experience Great Work Moments Through the Power of Workplace

To help its employees better connect to its leadership and promote its DEI initiatives, our client took advantage of Workplace from Meta’s Live Video feature to host several live events each year for its 1,000+ workforce. They primarily use this feature for raising awareness around what's happening within the oil & gas industry as well as within their own organization. Workplace live video was a perfect feature to host their Excellence Awards (for its employees) and to have 3rd-party speakers such as LGTBQ+ advocates to speak on certain topics during Pride Month. 


Making Live Connections Across the Organization with Workplace From Meta

With a focus on employee transparency, our client found the Workplace from Meta platform to be of a great help with this vision. Their leadership team uses Workplace to conduct live Q&As for their workforce to ask questions and have their voices heard by upper management. They use the Live Video feature effectively within their corporate announcement group to allow leadership to have that transparency across the board with their colleagues.  

Two of its CEOs were part of a live global town hall hosted primarily on Workplace. In addition, the company has also hosted several series including an Ask The Doctor series for its employees to get expert advice on their personal health and a speaker series focused on technology and innovation. The leadership team were not the only ones in the spotlight! 

Campaign Calendar

Celebrating the unique, diverse workforce that fuels company success

Prior to getting Workplace, our client never had a central hub to showcase the rich diversity found in its workforce.  

With Workplace from Meta, they are now able to successfully run several diversity campaigns to better highlight the different diverse initiatives happening within the company. Their team created a content calendar related to the main social causes happening within the calendar year and they brainstorm weekly cadences that can be introduced on Workplace for each initiative.  

During Asian Heritage month, their team introduced a weekly cadence on Workplace in which they spotlighted cultural foods, public figures, fashion, and people within the organization that just wanted to tell a story related to their Asian heritage. Each week would focus on a selected Asian country such as Singapore or China.  

Knowledge Library + Groups: Bringing employees together for better engagement


Taking advantage of the Knowledge Library feature in Workplace, their team provided resources for its employees so they can be more productive within their Knowledge Library.  

To help its DEI initiative, our clientcreated a dedicated Employee Resource group (ERG) in Workplace that funnels content about experiences, culture and important social events happening in their organization. They use this group to listen to employees’ thoughts and ideas, gather feedback via polls and spotlight employees around the community for their accomplishments and how they live by their core values. This is the second most utilized group by their employees where they celebrate diversity campaigns, highlight their mission and strategy and much more. 

The Kudos group is the most utilized group for their workforce. They use this group for introducing new hires, work anniversaries, birthdays, celebrating success amongst different departments and different locations. This group helps bring their culture of recognition onto Workplace and letting it get highlighted through the platform and its features.  

Say Yes to better employee transparency with Workplace by Meta!

LineZero is encouraged how our client strived to establish a two-way communication channel with its employees, so their voices are heard and their honest feedback can help enhance their employee experience.  

Our client's focus on showcasing its DEI initiatives and using the Live Video feature on Workplace has helped the company move towards better employee transparency. If your organization wants to learn how Workplace from Meta can help you better communicate your employee culture to your employees, let’s connect!  

communicate your employee culture effectively with Workplace from Meta. let's connect!

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