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C U S T O M E R   S U C C E S S   S T O R I E S

ParTCoN GmbH


Ontario Branch - Europe





Elevating communication, cultivating a vibrant community, and bolstering collaboration among network members and volunteers with workplace from MetA.

Founded in Kiel, Germany, ParTCoN is a consulting company that advises on construction projects within the healthcare sector. Their team of experts combines well-founded professional competence in the clinical field and many years of experience in project management for large-scale construction projects.

With ParTCoN's vast network of members and volunteers dispersed nationwide, they identified the necessity for an innovative solution that would nurture a robust sense of community and connectivity.

Their goal was to shift from time-consuming email communications and high-cost in-person meetings towards a more mobile-first strategy equipped with real-time video chats. They needed to be able to communicate among members, regardless of their location and what activities they were up to - whether they were on a mountain, hiking, in the office, or on the go. ParTCoN needed a central place to go as their stores expanded and as more volunteers needed accurate real-time feedback and reporting. This is where Workplace from Meta comes in. 

By adopting Workplace, ParTCoN has simplified communication with partners and volunteers, fostering better engagement and collaboration. Let's delve into some of the features they are utilizing.

Partcon's key WORKPLACE features

Cost-effective and time saving approach to language challenges

Easy sharing of documents, information, and ideas. 

Fostered Interpersonal connections within the organization with partners and volunteers.

"I was looking for a safe environment where partners could communicate with one each other...And that's where I fell into Workplace."

- Rema, President of ParTCoN, Canadian Branch


Fostering Stronger Connections: Live Video & Live Messaging Translation

Workplace has emerged as a cornerstone for knowledge sharing, feedback, and, most importantly, nurturing a community feel among volunteers. Live video provides an "almost-in-person" touch to updates. Workplace live translation aids regional communication, making it timely and cost-effective.

As Rema, President of the Canadian Branch, puts it: "Workplace has transformed that in the last two years because I'm no longer sending things out for translation, waiting for it to get back."


INSTANT Information sharing: from requests to results

Workplace allows ParTCoN to share information as if members were physically present, facilitating faster decision-making and more personal, immediate feedback. This seamless communication flow helps ParTCoN members get answers directly within Workplace.


Simplifying Communications: Eliminating Clunky Email Chains

Workplace has become the central hub for ParTCoN staff to access and share information, replacing cumbersome email chains. Dedicated Workplace Groups now serve as repositories of best practices, insights, and vital information.

Ready to transform your organization's communication and community like ParTCoN?