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VEterinary EmerGency Group


United States


Veterinary Services



VEG restructures its Workplace by Meta setup for increased employee engagement.


Established in 2014, Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG) is an American veterinary services company focused on a single mission: helping people and their pets when they need it most.  The company has expanded during the past years and currently has 27 hospitals operating in 10 different states, including New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, Texas, and more.   

For VEG, having their 2000+ employees connected and maintaining their culture of togetherness is extremely important. VEG was looking for an internal communication tool that would allow seamless communication across all locations and departments, keep everyone updated on the latest company news, and provide easy access to documents, information, and resources.  

After careful consideration, VEG decided to incorporate Workplace from Meta into their environment and started their Workplace launch with another partner from Meta. Although the adoption of Workplace was positive, VEG had no organization for their Workplace setup and its employees noted a negative impact on their cohesion when it came to using Workplace for their jobs. Listening to employee feedback, VEG decided to connect with LineZero to help them refresh their Workplace structure and usage. This included implementing a Groups structure, Knowledge library taxonomy, advisory, workshops, and more!  

Are you experiencing similar challenges with your current Workplace by Meta structure? Discover how LineZero’s expertise and personal support helped improve the synergy of VEG’s employees! 

Workplace Results

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VEG’s Taxonomy: From Cluttered to Categorized.


The priority for VEG was to establish a clear and concise structure within Workplace by Meta. This way, they would have a clear group structure that allows employees to know exactly where to find and post certain information. VEG also desired to create a better digital onboarding experience for new hospital team members so that they can get plugged into the culture (in weeks not months).  

LineZero studied VEG's organizational structure and hierarchy and proposed a more practical and realistic Group Taxonomy. Then, we worked hand in hand with VEG to clean up their groups by providing them with new groups suggestions and deleting/decommissioning inactive groups and content. Using this new Group structure, VEG could now direct their employees to the right groups more easily and had a consistent approach when it came to creating new groups.   

The results? VEG was able to reduce its number of existing Workplace groups from over 270 groups to 25 efficient and operational groups. New groups were also added such as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) as well as a group for their CEO to share relevant information and for the entire organization to see his personal involvement at VEG.  Each group has its specific function, so there is less confusion when it comes to posting or retrieving the right information on Workplace.  By improving their group structure and getting their CEO personally involved on Workplace, VEG has improved the ability for its employees to feel connected, informed and included!   

committed Support: LineZero held VEG’s paw and never let it go

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By organizing and helping VEG understand the full capabilities of Workplace, LineZero helped equip this organization to get even more out of their employee engagement investment. VEG now has a better process in terms of where to post, how to find information and how to post in its groups on Workplace.    

To help boost Workplace usage and adoption, LineZero worked together with VEG to host Workplace workshops for their key stakeholders in several departments including Nursing, Marketing, Operations and Onboarding. These workshops focused on best practices for Workplace and how each department can leverage their Workplace group to share information effectively.    

Equipped with the knowledge from these workshops and additional resources, VEG employees now gained further clarity on how Workplace could benefit them and how to use it effectively.   

In addition, LineZero supported VEG to kickstart an initiative of reworking their Knowledge Library (Workplace from Meta feature that allows storage of documents in one place available for all employees). Their initial Knowledge Library had many categories so LineZero did an analysis to find out who updated certain categories, which categories have been created and which are in progress. We are currently working on reducing the number of categories on the VEG Workplace platform from over 75 categories to 30 categories.    

VEG taps into Workplace Insights to measure employee engagement data! 

In addition to improving their current Workplace structure, LineZero also helped set up quarterly analytics reporting for the VEG team. This reporting draws from their insights on Workplace to showcase how employees are using the engagement platform. The data shows how active employees are (per department and per location) and that information can be used to either reach out to certain locations or reach out to certain departments and explore how they can increase engagement on Workplace from Meta.   

With these newfound insights, VEG can continue maximizing its employee engagement and help its culture of togetherness to thrive in all its locations across the USA.    

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Thanks to this transformation, VEG’s employees now have a better user experience on Workplace where they can easily find important documents and resources. 

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