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Employee Experience Trends That Will Shape 2021 & Beyond

Let’s talk about the HBR article entitled, “9 Trends That Will Shape 2021 and Beyond.” For today’s article, let’s narrow it down to 2 trends that your organization can expect to see in 2021, and how to not only embrace and adapt to those trends, but thrive.


Managing Employee Experience

First, HBR predicts that employers will shift from managing the employee experience to managing the life experience of their employees. It’s no surprise that employees have experienced personal and professional changes over the last year, and executives are increasingly becoming more visible and supportive of those experiences.

With Workplace from Meta, connecting with employees on a personal and professional level becomes easy. For example, LineZero developed the Coffee House Bot, which randomly selects and places employees who may not otherwise have regular contact with each other in a group meeting. It gives employees a chance to catch up,or expand their horizons on work topics they don’t regularly encounter.  

Mental health support is the new normal

Second, HBR predicts that mental health support is the new normal. At LineZero, we utilize a Group on Workplace from Facebook called “Energy for Impact.”

The Group is spearheaded by an external party, Kelsey Corey, who is an Emotional Success Coach with Energy for Impact. Within the Group, she shares teachings, tools and tactics to help LineZero employees with shifting perspectives of, and managing, stress. Kelsey is able to share downloadable files, on-demand video content and live streaming sessions to help support mental health and positively impact everyone in the organization.



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