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Do Your Remote Employees Feel Included in Meetings?

In today’s article, let’s talk about the HBR article entitled, “Do Your Remote Employees Feel Included in Meetings?”

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Eliciting contributions from “out-of-office” team members first, not last.

Try kick-starting a meeting with incoming questions via a virtual chat tool, like Workplace Chat, or welcome commentary from remote attendees as a virtual icebreaker. Leading the meeting this way can help empower remote workers as they feel like a key component of the business and the conversation, not an after-thought.

Understand and value introverts and extroverts.

Do you notice the same voices monopolizing the conversation? If you answered ‘yes’ - the loss of input from a team member can be detrimental to your organization, especially when it comes to creating a more inclusive, innovative culture. An intuitive leader recognizes and adapts to the varying communication styles of team members so that everyone feels seen. Try creating post-meeting questions in a 1:1 Workplace chat or launch a Workplace survey to elicit more feedback and participation from introverts. HBR recommends asking, “What might we have missed in our last discussion?”



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Get creative at regular team meetings.

Try rotating meeting hosts and notice the difference in individual approaches. One team member at LineZero kicked off the meeting with a discussion around weekend activities, while another pulled quotes from a team—shared book to reflect on lessons learned. HBR also recommends personalized “check-in” exercises to bridge the gap between widely dispersed teams. At LineZero, we created Groups on Workplace for casual interaction and catching up, such as the “Foodies” group.

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