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Metaverse News Collection! – March Edition | LineZero

This post is a collection of blogs, videos, and articles about the Metaverse. We keep up with the news and trends around the Metaverse to stay informed and educated. We thought we would share the content we come across with our audience on a monthly basis. Here is our March collection: 


This video visually shows what working in the Metaverse would be like according to Meta. For anyone who wants to understand what it would be like to work and collaborate in the corporate Metaverse, this short video can be helpful. (Source: Meta) 



everything about metaverse

This blog post by Hubspot has a list of Metaverse terms to know and three popular Metaverses (along with a comparison chart). Considering the audience for their marketing blog, Hubspot included five early opportunities for brands with examples. It’s a solid read. (Source: Hubspot) 



rebuild metaverse platforms

This 10-minute video content by CNET explains what the Metaverse is, the foreseeable challenges and issues with the Metaverse, and how we might be able to resolve them. (Source: CNET) 




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Microsoft has also been investing in the Metaverse and by mid-2022, people using Teams to collaborate will be able to do so using virtual spaces and avatars. (Source: The Verge) 

microsoft teams enter metaverse