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A Day in the Life of an HR Director (Using Workplace for HR)

Using Workplace for HR makes a lot of sense, when you consider what Workplace by Facebook (Workplace) is actually capable of. Way more than just a communications platform, Workplace makes work easier!  

In this blog, we’re going to walk through a day in the life of Casey McConnell, a fictitious Canadian HR Director, who uses Workplace for all her HR needs. Read along to understand how Workplace for HR can give your own HR game a major upgrade! 

9:00 AM 

The first meeting with the executive team, and it looks like there are lots of exciting things on the horizon! MindsEye Publishing Co. is looking to hire two new editors to the staff of their office in Ontario, Canada, and the executive team has just asked Casey to put the hiring team together.  

Knowing that Workplace can help her pull this team together, Casey takes advantage of a break in the meeting to pull out her mobile device and open her Workplace app. She creates a closed group called “Hiring Committee – Editors for ON Canada”, and adds the relevant people to it – Susan Delaney from Finance, Tim Cord from Legal, and Jamie Darwin and Roy Halliday, her HR Manager and Recruiter from the Ontario office. 

Closing her app, she returns her attention back to the executive meeting.  

NewGroup2 NewGroup1

10:30 AM 

Back at her desk, Casey jumps on her laptop and opens up Workplace to finish briefing the new hiring committee in her newly created group on what’s expected from this hiring. She uploads the job description for the editor positions and creates a new post that asks for feedback from Susan on the salary ranges they’ll be offering the new hires. What used to be done by email, can now be done in the Workplace app – nested comments allow for clear communication between her team members, with none of the information lost in translation.  

Casey’s next appointment is a touchpoint with Skye MacDonald, a new HR Manager in their Vancouver office. Distance isn’t a problem – even though Casey’s sitting in their Calgary office, the one-on-one conversation can still take place using Workplace’s video chat feature.  

But before their call, Casey wants to see if there are any questions that Skye has asked that need to be addressed during their one-on-one. So, she opens up the 1:1 Secret Group she created when Skye was first hired.  


Sure enough, Skye’s raised two questions about booking vacation time. Casey adds those questions to the agenda she’s building, then shares the Word document with Skye via the same Group. Casey knows that, thanks to Workplace’s integration with Office 365, both Skye and Casey can have the document open during their call, and with Word’s co-authoring capabilities, both women will be able to make any notes or write down any follow-up actions that need to take place.   


11:00 AM 

With Workplace’s Chat functionality, Casey initiates the video chat between her and Skye. Because it’s on video chat, it feels as though they’re in the same room and Casey can see by Skye’s body language that she’s happily adjusting to her new role. Using the agenda she put together, Casey is able to answer Skye’s questions, and talk through how things are going.  

Skye mentions that one of her colleagues in the Vancouver office has been particularly helpful in welcoming Skye to the company and getting her settled. Pleased, Casey walks Skye through how to recognize that employee in the company’s Internal Kudos group – an open, company-wide group that lets anyone post about the ways that their colleagues have gone above and beyond. 

They then get to Skye’s questions about vacation time. Knowing that the company recently took advantage of the automation capabilities of Workplace by Facebook, Casey shows Skye how to use VacationBot, the company’s automated vacation logger, accessible via Workplace Chat.  By typing in “how many vacation days do I have?”, VacationBot will see how many days Skye has already taken off and provide her with the balance remaining. By typing in “I want to book a vacation”, Skye would be able to select the dates she wanted to take off, and VacationBot will send an automated approval email to her boss.  



12:00 PM 

Time for Casey to get some lunch. She heads out to a nearby restaurant to pick up some take-out. While waiting for her food, Casey takes the opportunity to browse Workplace on her phone and check out her notifications. She notices that several people have asked questions on her latest post about the changes happening to the employee benefits program.  

She grabs her food, and returns to the office, making a note that she needs to address these questions.  


12:30 PM

After eating, Casey knows that she has half an hour before her next meeting, which means she can address those questions about the new benefits program. Rather than writing a lengthy post, Casey decides to Go Live instead, so, after making sure she doesn’t have any food in her teeth, she opens Workplace on her laptop and navigates to the Group where she posted the original content so she can see the questions. Then, using her phone to Go Live, Casey spends 10 minutes answering those questions. As she does, she can see several people have joined in to watch her discussion, so she invites people to continue asking questions via the comments. She answers these too, then signs off.  



2:30 PM 

Fresh out of her next meeting, Casey receives an email notification that Susan has responded to her post from this morning regarding salary expectations for the positions available in their Ontario office. She opens Workplace to find that Susan has provided a document with the accepted ranges they can offer.  


Casey responds to Susan’s comment, thanking Susan for the information, and makes sure to tag both Jamie and Roy in her response, so they are aware that new information has been provided. Just after hitting Enter, Casey sees a notification pop up that someone is typing an answer to her response. A moment later, a comment from Jamie pops up, asking for a quick call so that she can clarify a few things with Casey.   

Using Workplace Chat, Casey initiates a video call, and a moment later, she’s talking face to face with Jamie. In the fifteen-minute call that follows, Casey and Jamie discuss the various aspects of this latest round of hiring. Because Roy will be doing most of the recruiting, Casey conferences him into the video chat, so they can finalize their plans to begin advertising the open positions.  


3:00 PM 

Casey’s next meeting is with her boss, Glenn Williams, the Global HR Director for their organization. She navigates through Workplace to their 1:1 Secret Group to see the agenda Glenn’s put together. A few of the agenda items requires Casey to upload some documents into Workplace, which she does. At the appointed time, Glenn video calls her, and they begin their meeting.  

Casey updates Glenn on the latest things that are happening in the various Canadian branches. He mentions that he caught the replay of her Go Live Q&A session and thought that way of addressing the questions was quite effective. They discuss Casey’s plans for hiring those two new Editors in Ontario, then Glenn challenges Casey to come up with a way to gauge how happy people are at work. Casey recommends a poll, which they have used in the past, but Glenn is not sure that, if people aren’t happy, they’ll answer the poll honestly.  

After a moment of thinking, Casey recommends that they work with their Workplace by Facebook partner, LineZero, who can help them to create their own internal “pulse” bot. The bot can measure employee satisfaction without publicly revealing who may be struggling with the corporate culture, or various aspects of their job. Glenn loves the idea, and tells Casey that she should go ahead and get a quote for this work.  

Once the meeting has concluded, Casey goes to the Multi-Company Group that her executive team shares with the LineZero team, and posts a request for a quote on another automation bot for their company.


Once that’s done, Casey packs up her things and begins her commute home.  

8:30 PM 

After tucking her kids into bed, Casey pulls out her phone one last time to check if there is a response from LineZero. Erika Moll-Richardson from the LineZero team has gotten back to her and has requested a call to get more information on what her company is looking for with regards to this bot they want to build.


After checking her calendar, Casey notifies Erika that she’d be free for a call at 2:30 the next day. A few minutes later, Erika responds to her comment, confirming the call at 2:30.  


Workplace for HR - Giving HR a Major Upgrade

So, there you have it. Even though it’s a fictitious account, using Workplace for HR is really this simple! Workplace provides a platform to not only communicate with your colleagues but collaborate with others in your organization as well!  

And we can help! As the leading Workplace by Facebook service partner in the United States and Canada, our team of experts are experienced in pre-launch, launch, and post-launch of your Workplace projects. We are your go-to resource to ensure Workplace meets your team's expectation and you get most out of Workplace! Give us a shout, and let us help you get started!