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Top 3 Tips to Boost Your Virtual Events & Improve Employee Engagement

Let’s face it, virtual meetings are integrated into our daily routines and are here to stay whether we like it or not. If you’re hosting a weekly recap meeting or a company-wide event, there are many ways to help “spark” some excitement and virtually engage your audience. Regardless of where your employees are located (remotely, hybrid or in office) there are many tools readily available to you through the applications that you use on a day-to-day basis. Check out some quick tips and tricks below that can help amplify your next company meeting and make you the go-to person for hosting an engaging event.

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Tip #1 – Incentivize your virtual experience

Pre-covid, it was a common practice for offices to host casual lunches or pizza parties to help brighten an employee’s day. Why not bring it back? If you advertise that by attending this meeting, lunch will be on the company, or you can win a prize, I can 99% guarantee that you will see a pickup in attendance. Regardless of where people are located, you can offer this incentive through a company Uber Eats code (or any other food delivery app), pre-order lunches in advance though a catering team, or allow employees to expense a certain dollar value back to the company. To ensure that people don’t just show up for the free food and then leave the meeting, you can notify everyone that you are taking attendance at the end of the meeting and only those individuals will qualify for the expense to be submitted or name to be entered into the prize draw. Who doesn’t love free food?


Tip #2 – Create a two-way dialog to develop your agenda

Monthly or annual meetings can sometimes become overwhelming as a content creator, to ensure that you have the perfect balance of important information, but also topics that you know will resonate with your audience. This is where an application like Workplace from Meta and other platforms can become extremely useful for creating that two-way dialog and feedback loop, to generate content. Through utilizing Workplace polls, surveys and tailored posts, content creators can test the waters on certain subjects, or ask their proposed audience what they would like to hear. This in return helps to create the perfect agenda that will have the audience engaged for the duration of the meeting. Win – win! 


Tip #3 – Make your virtual event accessible

Another great function through Workplace from Meta is the ability to stream your meetings from another platform. Through having the capability to stream your Zoom, WebEx, or Teams (coming soon) meeting directly onto Workplace, you are giving your viewers the tools to amplify their own experience. Whether it’s adding closed captions, translating to a different language, or even rewinding a section that they missed, you are allowing your audience to truly get the most out of every meeting. Another bonus of streaming directly? You never have to worry about someone “unmuting” themselves or interrupting your broadcast with background noise (finally!!).

Love these tips and are looking for more? Click here to learn more about Workplace and all the interactive features it has to offer!


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