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New Ways of Computing Leads the Future of Work & Corporate Metaverse

There are a lot of commonly held opinions about Virtual Reality and if it will be the next big thing that changes the way we work and the way we interact, or if its domain is purely in entertainment and gaming. So, while the jury is still out on the impact that VR can truly have, especially in a corporate setting, projecting a future where Augmented Reality is a part of our daily lives is a bet that most in technology would be far more willing to make.  

I like to think about driving a car when describing the impact that augmented reality can have on your life and how you might work in the future. Imagine sitting in your car, starting it up, putting your hands on the steering wheel, pulling out of your driveway, and getting onto the first major road of your commute (if you still have one!). Now imagine, you see the maximum speed sign and look down to check your own speed but there is no instrument cluster, no indication of your speed, how much gas you have left, when you did your last oil change, and you have no rear-view mirror! You lack a lot of necessary information that we believe is absolutely mandatory to be behind the wheel.  

If you were to graph major decisions in business over the last 20 years between quantitative analysis and qualitative or gut-feel, you would see an overwhelming shift to data-driven decision making supported by quantifiable data points. AR technology has the potential to bring you an instrument cluster, akin to what we have when driving, to our every day lives and how we might work in the future. It will immerse you in relevant data and make your experience of the internet and technology richer and more accessible than ever before. It will have the ability to surface relevant information to you based on where you might be or what you might be doing. Imagine a dance teacher being able to compare your technique and angles on the fly with professionals to see what kinetic differences there might be in your movement. Imagine walking past a street full of restaurants and looking at the sign and seeing the menu or ratings overlay your view.  

Android AR

Existing Technology Today – Android AR Overlay 

Some of this technology already exists today. Software developers can build much of this already. What is holding us back then? 

I would argue that the main issue holding us back from living in this future is the form factor. The “AR Glasses” that we have today are not truly AR glasses, they are more like AR goggles. If you have a look at the products out on the market today, they do not look like they could blend into a typical day’s work or time out with your family. Some of them look pretty cool but are also heavy and cumbersome to carry around.  

AR Glasses AR Glasses Metaverse 

The Reality Labs Chief Scientist, Michael Abrash, stated at the IEDM (International Electron Devices Meeting) conference last year that for AR to match our Sci-Fi conceptualizations, there would have to be a new computing architecture created to support them.  

XR Power Data transfer

The graphic above may be confusing at first glance but what it points out is that the most energy intensive computing operations are in data transfer. Every action you commit in AR results in vast amounts of data transferred internally to the various components within the device and externally to the platforms that support your virtual interactions. Abrash states that to get to true AR glasses, we should instead of having a centralized computing hub with data flowing in and out, we should distribute the computing operations across the system in order to minimize wasteful transfer of data between the components of the device.

XR Centralized Image Sensor Computing SystemDistributed System of Smart Sensors

There are other advancements that need to be made before we have a heads-up display for our daily lives. These AR devices need to be very comfortable for all day wear, extremely power efficient with micronized batteries, and have privacy considerations made in their very development.  

Although more work needs to be done, our lives will continue to become even more intertwined with technology and it is exciting to envision the positive impact this will have on safety, health outcomes, sports, and, of course, business.  


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