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The Secret Way LineZero Boosts Company Culture in Today's Work Environment

Building a thriving company culture with today’s way of working is difficult to say the least. With employees working in remote, hybrid and in-person environments, it can be a challenge for teams to connect and bond as they once did onsite together. This challenge, however, presents opportunities for new and creative ways for leaders to bring their teams together.

So how is LineZero supporting its company culture within the “new normal”? We’ll let you in on the secret…. we share everything on Workplace from Meta! Why does it work? Because it leans into our virtually connected world that our employees are already a part of.

If you’re not sure where to get started, we’ll give you a few tips below:

1. Take pictures at work events and share them! 📷 We always have a camera out at team lunches, and make sure to include the people tuning in virtually at home. 


2. Zoom backgrounds! 🏢 Post zoom backgrounds that are related to an office event or holiday so those who are working at home feel included. 

3. Livestream, livestream, livestream! 💻 We record and post events and workshops so everyone stays in the loop and up to date. This also allows employees to watch the recordings at their convenience if they can’t make the live session. 


4. Behind the scenes looks! 🎥 Show transparency by going behind the scenes with people on the job so everyone gets a firsthand look. This can also be a fun way to get to know each other on a more personal level and to be involved with roles that you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to interact with before hand. 

5. Shoutouts! 🗣️ We shout out 3-5 people each week for their outstanding achievements, and make sure to call on a variety of teams and levels within them. Recognizing employee efforts is important to keep morale high and lets everyone know that their work is valued. 

It’s a known fact that an engaged employee workforce is essential for a company's success. Ensuring that you have a consistent, positive employee experience will lead to improved company morale, a more positive work environment and improved company culture. The correct communication platform can make a big difference in every aspect listed above. It can ensure employees feel more connected to one another and that they have an impact on the day-to-day operations within the company.

When employees feel valued, they on average have a higher productivity level and continue to see their growth within the company. Allowing employees the ability to connect and have the proper work tools in the palms of their hands is not only empowering, but essential in this new working environment.

We hope you’ve seen how powerful Workplace from Meta can be for your internal communications. It’s the best tool out there because it leans into our virtually connected world that our employees are already a part of. Plus, with everything from instant messaging to video calling, it has all the tools you need to keep your team in touch and in sync.

Company Culture Starts with the Right Communication Platform Developed by Meta 

Joining the Corporate Metaverse starts with the right communication platform like the one developed by Meta, known as Workplace. Are you interested in belonging to this virtual work reality and taking your company to the next level? 

Not using Workplace yet? 

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