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Smart Ways to Improve Leadership Skills in Workplace

A vulnerable leadership style can lead to enhanced trust between your organization and your target audience and build confidence and credibility in your products and/or services.

Ask Powerful and Inspiring Questions

First, HBR states that leaders should ask powerful and inspiring questions, convey that they don’t have the answers, and solicit others’ help to find them.

By doing this, you signal to others that you are trusting and can be trusted in return. For example, using a communications tool like Workplace from Facebook gives a format to asking “big questions” that can lead to “big opportunities.”

LineZero has a dedicated Group on Workplace wherein the big question around automation was posed – “How can we move from standardized, manual procedures to automated workflows?” What followed was numerous postings from Group members who suggested actionable bots and automated workflows to implement within the organization.

This initiative was very successful, with many employees moving forward with implementing those automated procedures and alleviating tedious manual work and opening up the floor to more focused, customized work.


Big Questions Invite Collaboration

Second, HBR states that big questions invite collaboration. Rather than asking “big questions” in closed leadership meetings, open the floor to your entire team or consumers of your products and services.

For example, rather than inviting a user to book a meeting, ask for their expertise instead via a Workplace survey in a multi-company group. Questioning isn’t seen here a sign of weakness, rather it will show that our organization has a sense of ambition and transparency in trying to solve unaddressed problems rather than hiding the information and working behind-the-scenes. By making the consumer part of your journey, a sense of trust will be built and the conversation is initiated in a unique & welcoming fashion.