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Metaverse and Industries: Latest News & Potential Impact - May News

The Metaverse is making waves in various industries, including entertainment and hospitality. The National Hockey League and Roblox launched NHL Blast, a virtual reality experience for hockey fans. Hotels are exploring the use of the Metaverse for pre- and post-stay experiences. Additionally, the Metaverse could offer a sustainable solution to preserve the sinking island of Tuvalu while showcasing its culture and heritage to the world.

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NHL, Roblox launch Metaverse experience with NHL Blast

Think Visualization for the Hotel Metaverse

Disappearing Tuvalu: Can the Metaverse Save It?

As a trusted partner of Workplace from Meta, LineZero tries to keep up with the latest developments and trends in the Metaverse and virtual reality. We have compiled a collection of blogs, videos, and articles about the Metaverse for our readers to enjoy. This May, we bring you the most recent and informative content we've gathered. Here is our May collection for you enjoy: 

NHL, Roblox launch metaverse experience with NHL Blast

The Metaverse's Potential Impact on Industries

The NHL is launching its first fan experience on the online gaming platform Roblox and will bring hockey-inspired games and customizable team jerseys to the Metaverse.

NHL Blast, announced by the league Thursday, "will allow hockey fans and the Roblox community to hang out and play in a new online space that features many elements of NHL fandom," said David Lehanski, NHL executive Vice President of Business Development and Innovation.

Learn more about how you can experience this NHL platform in the Metaverse here

Think Visualization for the Hotel Metaverse

The Hotel Industry Enters the Metaverse | Hospitality DesignResource: The LEVEN verse metaverse lifestyle hotel will be dedicated to wellness and self-care

According to this blog from Hotel Online, the Metaverse can improve hotel experiences with virtual visualization before bookings and for events, virtual training for new hires, cross-training for employees, and post-stay access to exclusive sections to build loyalty. Additionally, guests can relive peak moments through virtual recordings.

Learn more about how hotels can provide better customer services using the Metaverse here

Disappearing Tuvalu: Can the Metaverse Save It?


This article discusses how the Metaverse could offer a solution for preserving Tuvalu (formerly Ellice Island), a sinking island in the Polynesian subregion of Oceania, threatened by climate change. Virtual reality could provide a sustainable way for Tuvaluans to live, work and interact while also showcasing their culture and heritage to a global audience.

Find out more about how the Metaverse can impact the nation here.

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