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Metaverse News Collection! – July Edition | LineZero

The Metaverse is still in its early stages of development, but it has the potential to revolutionize how we interact with technology and each other. It could potentially create a more immersive and realistic virtual reality experience and enable us to create our own virtual worlds.

In this blog you will find: 

The Metaverse is an exciting new technology to keep an eye on, and we will be sure to bring you more information as it develops. This post is a collection of blogs, videos, and articles about the Metaverse to share recent content we searched through with our audiences monthly. Here is our July collection for you to enjoy.

Karlie Kloss Launches Fashion Klossette Designer Showcase in the Metaverse

Designer Show in the Metaverse

Are you curious about how people are using the Metaverse in real lifeKarlie Kloss is embracing the Metaverse with the Fashion Klossette Designer Showcase, a centralized hub that teleports visitors to explore five pop-up shops featuring community-created digital fashion collections. This showcase will be live July 19 through July 25.


You can find more information here.

The Metaverse Will Reshape Our Lives. Let's Make Sure It's for the Better

Metaverse-futureThe U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reports that in the first six months of 2022, the word Metaverse appeared more than 1,100 times in regulatory filings. The previous year saw 260 mentions. The preceding two decades? Fewer than a dozen in total.

So, what does the future hold for the Metaverse? If you want to get some ideas about our future with the Metaverse, you can check out the content here.

.I Tried Working from the Metaverse...And I Liked It

working from the Metaverse


 "Tech giants and startups are racing into the Metaverse. Be it VR, AR, or old-fashioned desktops, we'll all be meeting in virtual offices soon. We dove deep to see what life after Zoom might look like." This video shows the future of work in the Metaverse as experienced by Matt Goldman, a Producer at Bloomberg. 


Watch the 17-minute video to learn more here.

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Compiled by Hyun-Jin Im